Driving dynamics gears (automotive)

  • Very accurate true running characteristics
  • Exact positioning accuracy
  • High running smoothness

Viewing glass (respiratory protection technology)

  • Coated technically high-performance materials
  • Optimal distortion and reflectance values
  • Outstanding transparency, brilliance and break resistance



Fine sieve (household appliances)

  • Joint design BAUKNECHT/Tectro SMT
  • Alkali and temperature resistant; Optimised hydraulics
  • Flexibility in form, colour and surface
  • Cost advantage over metal screen

Coded female multipoint connector (automotive)

  • Two-component part
  • Sealing component against splashing
  • Snap-on connection

Brake rollers

  • Joint design BITO/Tectro SMT
  • Planetary gear made of plastic and metal parts
  • High resilient >1,000kg, long life

Blade terminal (engine management)

  • Gold contacts integrated in plastic holder
  • Precision through fully-automated process
  • Lifetime maintenance-free part

Water-transporting spray arm rotor

  • Precise geometry with new manufacturing technology
  • Improved cleaning
  • Short production times, low component costs

Handle cap (sanitary engineering)

  • Two-component part with transparent lens
  • Optical magnification measurements indicator
  • Materials substitution for a metal part

Valve housing with interior parts

  • Extreme pressure-resistant
  • Precise surfaces
  • Automated process
  • Dimensional tolerances > 0.05mm

Stator core isolation (household appliances)

  • Modified material (flame retardancy)
  • Very thin-walled (weight reduction)
  • High accuracy (automations capable)