Reproducible quality

  • 150 injection moulding machines
  • Machine types with 15 – 1,000 t clamping
  • Molecular weights of 0.2 – 4,000 g
  • Part size of 0.01 – 9,000 cm²
  • Injection moulded articles with high accuracy


Special manufacturing processes:

  • Injection moulding inserts
  • Injection moulding of silicone rubber
  • Multi-component injection moulding
  • Sandwich injection moulding
  • Back moulding
  • Hollow-part moulding


The traditional core of Tectro SMT is the modern machinery that makes Tectro SMT a reliable partner in serial production as well. Whether it’s large or small quantities – your arrangement instructions are registered electronically (EDI) and are fed directly into our planning. Reliable logistics complements the field of serial production, which meets the highest standards of productivity, quality and flexibility. We thus give your serial products the same attention as during the design and development stage.